Sign of the Tides: Island Original - Rustic Fish, Coastal & Marine Art by Steve Rice © 2013

Hand-painted, rustic fish carvings and marine art by Steve Rice

Steve Rice is a man of many careers. Morning radio guy. PR hack. Advertising creative director. Shark wrangler. Okay, maybe that last one was more a job than a career.

​But there’s one thing he’s always been: an artist. From the time he could hold a canepole, he has fished. And from the time he could hold a crayon, he has drawn, painted, carved or otherwise created fish.

As a kid born and raised in South Florida, Steve spent much of his spare time -- and plenty of time he couldn't spare -- exploring the woods and waters around his home. If it held wildlife or fish, he wanted to be there more than anyplace else.

A natural-born daydreamer and doodler, Steve found his love of the outdoors often found its way onto paper. And still does. Fish perpetually captivate his imagination and cover his walls, occupy his mind, and obliterate his meeting notes.

Over the past thirty years, Steve’s marine art and island scenery has been commissioned by resorts, legendary fishing tournaments, yacht brokerages and private collectors. It’s been made into t-shirts, prints and postcards, and found its way into brochures and magazine ads. 

And these days, his wood carvings are finding their way into coastal cottages, beach houses and island villas. There are even a few celebs who've added his work to their collections.

​A self-trained artist, Steve is constantly experimenting with techniques and mixing media. It’s that experimentation that brought him to create the first Sign of the Tides folk art fish sculpture.